The best start

Every grower knows the importance of fast growing, uniform and healthy starting material for their
success. For growers working with seed, SeedTuning can help achieving this by using techniques that
help increase speed and uniformity of seedlings and provide seed that is protected from diseases.

At the end of our processes with your seeds, we can safely say that you will be able to produce more
usable seedlings than before you came to us – giving you the best start.

Through this short guide to our services, we would like to highlight a few of our specialist services:

Expertise in seed. SeedTuning is the go-to choice for people seeking an answer to their problem seed
crops. Why is this product not germinating to expected standards? How can I improve the handling
and visibility of certain seed batches? How can I increase the disease resilience of my seed? These are
just a few of the frequent questions we can help you with through our dynamic research facilities.

Delivering seed with disease-defence. Diseases for certain seed varieties are difficult to get past
and with this becoming tougher in the future through resilience, SeedTuning are at the head of the
race to deliver you tougher seeds through specialist Disinfection services. Contact us now for further

No job is too small. For those customers on a budget weighing up cost vs productivity is essential.
That’s why here at SeedTuning, we can help you make the best choice so that you don’t go over budget
and you still end up with the results you want. Contact us for a quotation today.

Pellet or provide a film coating for a no-nonsense seed result. Our pelleting and filmcoating
services show you just how much speed for seed we can produce with our different tailored pelleting
and filmcoating services. These services provide for better handling, sowing and germination results.

Don’t miss out with our Priming and Tuning. If your seed is giving you painful problems with germination
you might want to consider our priming, tuning or dormancy breaking services so that you
can save both time and money. Contact us now to find out how we can help – before it’s too late.
For all these highlights and more, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering
SeedTuning and wish you an enjoyable read. Further details on services, pricing and planning can be
obtained through the contact details below.

Let us help you with the start of your success.
The SeedTuning Team