Some types of seeds are difficult to sow mechanically due to the form or the size of the seed. The seed is enclosed during pelleting in a specially formulated coating. The pelleting process make the seed equal in shape, weight and size and makes it easier and simpler to use in a precision device such as a seeding machine.  

SeedTuning offers two different types of pellet that all have their specific characteristics. Which pellet to use depends on the crop and the way plug cultivation is done. We can give advice which pellet would suit best in which conditions, but we also encourage customers to try out the different pellets to determine what suits best in their situation. The Seed Technology Services pellet is a micro plastic free formulation. 

We also offer Multipellets (MPL) and Precision Multi Pellets (PMPL), in which several seeds are captured in one single pellet. The MPL is used for multiple seeds of the same variety in one pellet (e.g. to increase plug stand in case of poorly germinating seed, or to have more seedlings per plug). The PMPL is used for single or multiple species in a pellet. 




Pelleting forms


Precision Multipellet 

  • Multiple species in one pellet!
  • Exact number of seeds per pellet 
  • Each pellet is identical
  • Water-soluble wax composition




Multi pellet 

  • Multiple seeds one variety in one pellet!
  • Eliminates need to run trays through seeder multiple times
  • Ideal for products needing a cluster of germinating plants in one plug




Seed Technology Services pellet

  • Microplastic free formulation!
  • Now also available in our Venhuizen location


Reliable and proven formulation on some of the most demanding crops.
Pelleted trillions of seed in the past 30 years

Why should you use a new un-proven microplastic free formulation when you can go with the original!



Seed Tuning pellet

  • Reliable and unique pellet where others might fail
  • Hydrophobic material that easily melts