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Note for placing an order

Include a shipment list with the correct lot and item numbers, product description, weights, the desired treatments and the address to which the lots must be returned.


Small batches will be sent back in aluminium packaging.
Large bulk batches will be returned in a nylon bag with plastic inner pocket. Pelleted lots are sent back in 650 ml pots. All packaging costs are additional. Other packaging options for treated seed can be requested. Any additional costs associated will also be additional.

Return of the order

All orders will be sent back following instructions from the customer. If the customer has no preference, SeedTuning will provide the dispatch. 
All costs for the shipment are additional.

Seed loss during treatments

Expect an average 4% seed loss with treated seed, depending on the species. In addition, a sample will taken of all incoming lots. Please see our general terms and conditions for further information on this matter.

Production time

SeedTuning aim to turnaround orders from customers as quickly as possible. Production times will vary depending on the varieties in question and the size of orders. An accurate time of turnaround will be provided at the time of assessment. For exact turnaround times please contact our customer service representatives.

Storage of Treated Seeds

Recommended temperature

The temperature is often easier to control than the humidity. After experiments with different temperatures, we recommend a temperature of about 5° Celsius. At this temperature, the seed aging process will slow down. There is also more tolerance in the humidity possible.

Recommended humidity

At a storage temperature of 5° Celsius, we recommend a relative humidity between 25% and 30%. As the temperature rises, there must be stricter control of the humidity. Humidity that is too low may also have a negative effect and should not be lower than 20%.


General terms and conditions